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Ballina Engineering are experts in the manufacturing and fitting of wheelchair accessible playground equipment including swing sets, rocker gliders, go-kart trailers, ball slides and ball stands.

All citizens – young and old, have a basic human right to be included in all aspects of society. Children with disabilities, whether physical or intellectual, become disadvantaged and often excluded from partaking in the normal day-to-day activities of what every child enjoys. This is not because of the disability, but rather because access to basic equipment and resources is not possible.

Our approach to creating the same enjoyment and fun through accessible playground equipment does just that. We have identified solutions which work and provide fundamental access for children at play.

if you have a facility or an area which you would like to make accessible, please contact

Fort Henry Business Park, Ballina/Killaloe, Co. Tipperary, Ireland

T: 061-374860  or  087-638 4038

E:       @betipperary